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We’re on a mission to help companies transform their revenue organizations by harnessing customer interactions to increase business efficiency, improve decision-making and accelerate revenue growth.

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Years ago, while CEO at another company, Amit Bendov had an idea. His teams were consistently losing deals and no one understood why. After reviewing sales calls and emails in search of a solution, Amit realized that team members were hearing only part of the customer interaction. Lacking an efficient process for accessing and synthesizing customer communications, executives and their teams would spend hours reviewing CRM notes. Despite this laborious effort, most still resorted to guesswork rather than what customers were actually telling them when making crucial business decisions. The results were inefficient seller workflows, misaligned teams, failed strategic initiatives, and lost deals. 

A discussion with his engineer friend Eilon Reshef revealed that AI could help solve the problem. What ensued was an idea for an AI-powered platform that captured customer interactions and analyzed them (at scale) to deliver powerful insights, suggest next best actions, and automate workflows. Gong’s Revenue Intelligence platform was born.

Today, Gong transforms revenue organizations by harnessing customer interactions to increase business efficiency, improve decision-making and accelerate revenue growth. The Revenue Intelligence platform uses proprietary AI technology to enable teams to capture every customer interaction, understand and act on all customer interactions in a single, integrated platform. More than 4,000 companies around the world rely on Gong to support their go-to-market strategies and grow revenue efficiently.


Founded, seed round, first customer and user on platform
First paying customers, first Gong Labs article
Series A funding, launched mobile app
45 employees, acquired Ondigo
500 customers, series B funding, series C funding
1,000 customers, 350+ employees, opened Atlanta office, series D funding, acquired Vayo, Gong launches Deal Intelligence and Revenue Intelligence
2,000+ customers, 700+ employees, opened Dublin office
Gong launches Forecast and Smart Trackers, Gong Collective surpasses 100 integrations, including Snowflake and LinkedIn Sales Navigator
4,000+ customers, 1,100+ employees, Gong launches Engage and proprietary Generative AI models


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San Francisco

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Tel Aviv

Our birthplace, where it all began. HQ for product development team. L’chaim!


Our first EMEA outpost, a fast growing team of marketers and sales professionals. Come visit and grab a pint.


Our Midwest Go-to-Market office that is growing faster than they make deep dish pizza


An exciting and rich cultural icon and exploding tech hub, packed with talent and diversity.


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Led by the best:

Amit brings more than 20 years of leadership experience in hyper-growth enterprise software startups. Before co-founding and leading the team at, Amit was CEO of SiSense, and also held the role of CMO for Panaya.

Amit Bendov

CEO & Co-Founder
Eilon is a seasoned entrepreneur, executive, and investor in the internet and software spaces. Previously, Eilon was one of the founders of Webcollage.

Eilon Reshef

Chief Product Officer & Co-Founder
Sandi brings a wealth of knowledge and over two decades of people experience at companies including SuccessFactors, Atlassian, and most recently, Ripple.

Sandi Kochhar

Chief People Officer
Eran has over 20 years of experience building and scaling enterprise solutions. Previously, Eran was COO and VP of Product at Adobe EchoSign, VP of Product at Influitive, and VP of Product Marketing at Clarizen.

Eran Aloni

EVP, Ecosystem and Business Development
Bríon brings over 20 years of experience managing all aspects of Marketing for private and public companies operating globally. Most recently, Bríon led marketing at Samsara where he developed their multi-product and platform GTM motion.

Bríon O’Connor

Chief Marketing Officer
As a five-time marketing executive, Udi brings us 20 years of experience heading marketing teams. Udi has helped several B2B companies grow faster, by optimizing and transforming their marketing efforts.

Udi Ledergor

Chief Evangelist
Ryan brings a decade of sales leadership from LinkedIn. Most recently, he led new business acquisition and SMB client growth and retention in the North American business of LinkedIn Talent Solutions.

Ryan Longfield

Chief Revenue Officer
Tim joins Gong from Pure Storage, where he led the company’s global financial and accounting operations. He spent 10 years at Google where he oversaw the company’s planning and budgeting.

Tim Riitters

Chief Financial Officer
Jack brings over two decades of experience developing successful cyber security and compliance teams at a global scale. Jack previously built the security program at Digital Realty and most recently was a Sr. Director at Teradata.

Jack Leidecker

Chief Information Security Officer
Ohad has over 20 years of experience in managing large R&D teams. Previously, Ohad was VP engineering of the web security business unit at Akamai, where he grew the team to hundreds of engineers, building products used by thousands of customers.

Ohad Parush

EVP of R&D
Victoria joins Gong from Dropbox where she had experience in Sales, Business Development & Strategic Partnerships, Product & Engineering, and most recently as the Chief of Staff to the CEO.

Victoria Yuan

Chief of Staff, Vice President Operations
John brings over 20 years of experience managing all aspects of legal compliance for private and public companies operating globally. Most recently, John acted as the general counsel for Check Point Software Technologies.

John Slavitt

Chief Legal Officer

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