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Guarantee Sales Strategy Success

From ideas to implementation. Get the tools and insights you need to implement your sales strategy

“Gong is a linchpin in ensuring the success of our sales strategy. It has changed the way we go to market.”
David Ellis
Sales Director, Linkedin
“Gong is a linchpin in ensuring the success of our sales strategy. It has changed the way we go to market.”
David Ellis
Sales Director, Linkedin

Essential Tools for a Successful Sales Strategy


You’ll gain critical market intelligence that will guide your sales strategy. What does the market say about your competitors? Your pricing? Your product features. You’ll know in a snap.


Now you can ensure the adoption of your sales strategy in frontline conversations. You’ll instantly see if reps are adopting your methodology, or reverting to old habits.


Don’t wait until next quarter or the next financial year to make changes. An agile approach means you can confidently adjust your sales strategy as soon as you know what’s working and what’s not. That way, you can get better outcomes and boost quota attainment right away.

Why You’ve Been Struggling to Implement (Until Now)

You already have a sales strategy in place, of course. Creating your sales strategy isn’t the problem, though. The tricky part is getting your sales managers and reps to execute. Here’s why:

Reps Backslide

Habits are powerful. Your reps may understand your sales strategy intellectually. But in a live conversation, they revert back to their old habits.

There’s No Tracking

You need a way to capture your team’s progress so they can see their success, tackle new challenges, and stick with it.

Your Reps Get Distracted

There’s a lot going on for your sales team, and sometimes, your new sales strategy is the last thing on their mind.

It’s Not Transparent

If Bob feels like he’s the only one trying to implement your new strategy, he might give up before it has a chance to get results (meanwhile Tim over there never even bothered).

It’s Not Up-To-Date

Your sales team needs an evolving strategy that’s relevant to what’s working right now, not last year or even last quarter.

Your Team Members Aren’t Aligned

If your sales reps don’t know the thinking behind the sales strategy, they won’t be motivated to implement.

Gong Helps You Execute
Your Sales Strategy

It might sound like the problem is your team or your management. But we find that poor sales strategy implementation more often comes down to customer conversations. And luckily, that’s a much quicker (and cheaper) problem to fix. With Gong’s revenue intelligence, implementing your sales strategy is a breeze. Here’s how Gong helps:

Stay front of mind

Gong keeps your sales team constantly in the loop with your current strategy and what’s working well.

Get the insights

You’ll know whether your sales strategy is being implemented by team members (or not) with real-time, automated data.

Track results

You can monitor the results using smart analytics and adapt your strategy on-the-go.

See patterns

See the effects of a different sales methodology right away with smart data insights.

Give feedback

Your team can easily request feedback on calls.

Boost collaboration

Get buy-in from your team with increased transparency and feedback around what’s working with your sales strategy.

5 Steps to a Winning Sales Strategy with Gong

The best sales strategies follow a clear, repeatable process. Here are 5 steps to implementing and refining your sales strategy to win:

Step #1:

Set Your Goals

Set clear goals and achievable outcomes for your team, in line with your vision. These might be daily, weekly, monthly, quarterly, or yearly goals (or a mix), depending on your business.

Step #2:

Develop a Clear Strategy

Break down the steps to achieving your goals, using your available resources. Gong’s intelligent insights will help you map out best practices and see what’s working for your sales team right now.

Step #3:


Get your whole team on board with the strategy. Give them the sales enablement tools they need to understand your strategy and execute it, from discovery call to closing the deal.

Step #4:


Use the data and insights to see what’s working. Give your team feedback to help them improve. Check that your sales strategy is being executed as planned.

STEP #5:


Winning sales teams adopt an agile strategy approach and never get complacent about their methods and outcomes. So, use the data and insights, plus feedback from your customers (all available through Gong) to adapt your sales strategy and reach new goals.

Become the Most Effective Sales Team

Your time is now. All you need is the right tools to implement the strategy you know you need.
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