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Voice Of Customer Software: True Access To Customer Reality

Voice of customer software helps you unlock customer reality. What messaging works? Which competitors are coming up in deals? How is the market responding to new products? Now revenue professionals can unify the entire company – sales, product, marketing – around the voice of the customer.

8 Reasons To Use Voice Of Customer Software

Voice of customer software is central to any sound organization. Who would NOT want to know what your customers (and those who didn’t buy from you) are saying about your product or service? Here are eight reasons why voice of customer software is a must-have.


Real-Time Market Insights

What are customers saying? A lot. Are they talking about your competitors? Of course. Which competitors are beating you? None! Okay, maybe a few. How are your customers responding to product/pricing changes? New messaging? New features? The answer lies in the voice of the customer. Gong’s software uses AI to turn your sales call recordings into a goldmine of actionable insights and helps you double down where it works.


Prioritize Your Product Roadmap

Your customers often know your product better than you do. They are the users, many the power users. What features matter most to them? What integrations would enhance your offering? Which tweaks would help them measure pipeline impact even more? With Gong’s voice of customer software, you don’t have to guess. Easily integrate customer feedback into marketing materials, prioritize decisions on the product roadmap, and align the entire company around the voice of the customer.

Reason #3

Get 100% Visibility

Capture ALL customer-facing interactions on web conferencing, VOIP, phone, email, and even in-person meetings (remember those?) using Gong’s voice of customer software. No need to guess. No need to speculate. Validate assumptions immediately with a third party – your customer, of course. Confirm deals truly are where your reps say they are. Ingest your pipeline with the Gong Truth Serum.

Reason #4

More Than Sales

Gong’s voice of customer software is not just for your sales team. Don’t let sales have all the fun (and data-driven insights)! Sales call recordings can be shared with anyone within your organization. Marketing can use Gong to validate (or tweak) messaging. Product can leverage Gong for real-time feedback. Customer Success uses Gong sales calls for efficient handoffs. It’s time to put your customers front and center — and start creating raving fans.

Reason #5

Reps Love Gong

Plain and simple, sales people love Gong. You read that correctly. Reps love Gong. They use Gong’s voice of customer software to help them with note-taking in calls. They use Gong recordings to “review game tape” and step up their game. They use Gong to learn from their team’s top performers.

Reason #6

Personalized Coaching

You know who else loves Gong? Managers. Managers use Gong’s voice of the customer software to proactively identify coaching opportunities. Not all reps are created equal. Each has unique strengths and “areas for improvement.” Leveraging Gong’s AI helps pinpoint exactly what each rep needs to do to improve performance and — something we can all get behind — close more deals.

Reason #7

Seamless Handover from Sales to Customer Success

The Sales-to-CS handoff can be inefficient, ineffective, and redundant — all which can lead to a negative customer experience. With Gong’s voice of the customer software, the transition from sales prospect to new customer becomes seamless. The CS has all the call history and a clear vision of how the customer will leverage their platform. Everyone wins.

Reason #8

MUCH Faster Onboarding

Onboarding new reps can be time-consuming and inconsistent. With Gong’s voice of the customer software, ramp time is dramatically reduced — ultimately leading to a faster time to quota attainment. Bonus: Faster onboarding also equates to better retention rates and eliminates the need for time-consuming, hard-to-schedule call shadowing. With Gong, you are literally training new reps using real life conversations with actual customers.

Why use Gong to Unlock Voice of Customer?

Listening to — and learning from — your customers has never been easier. Gong’s voice of customer software just works.

To quote David Ellis, Sales Director at Linkedin: “Gong is a linchpin in ensuring the success of our sales strategy. It has changed the way we go to market.” (Thanks David!)

Gong accesses your team’s online calendars, pulling in your meeting schedule. Gong then joins your meetings as a participant, recording both audio and video. Call recordings are stored in Gong — easily accessible to listen to or watch anytime. Finally, Gong AI analyzes and transcribes all calls, identifying key topics.

With Gong’s voice of customer software, your team can always focus on the conversation and not worry about taking notes. Pretty neat, huh?

But wait, there’s more!

How Does Gong’s Voice of Customer Software Work?

This is how Gong unlocks the voice of the customer – aka what buyers are *really* saying – and helps you share it with your entire team – i.e. the folks who need to hear it most.

step 1

Gong connects with your reps’ calendars, emails, and calls.

step 2

Gong sits in to your customer-facing conversations and records them.

step 3

Gong’s AI generates insights on concerns, questions, feedback, objections that your customers voice in calls and in emails.

step 4

Gong makes the voice of customer shareable across your org. Product loves it. Success loves it. Marketing loves it. Oh, and sales. They love it too.

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Gong is More Than Voice of Customer Software

Sure, Gong listens to customers to provide the “unfiltered voice of your market.” But that’s not all. Gong also leverages AI and machine learning to help you gain critical insights into what’s happening with your sales team, your deals, and your market.

Gong’s Revenue Intelligence platform operates on five key principles: 

  1. Use automation instead of manual data entry
  2. Get a complete view of your customer interactions, not just a fraction
  3. Require real-time data for decision making
  4. Operate based on reality, not opinions
  5. Connect the entire company through voice of customer data

And those 5 principles can be boiled down into three pillars:

People Intelligence

Understand what your best reps are doing and replicate this across your team. Ramp new reps faster and set them up for success. Tailor your coaching to help your team win.

Deal Intelligence

Separate opinions from reality and truly understand your pipeline. Proactively take action to keep deals from stalling. Coach your team to close more deals. 

Market Intelligence

Hear the unfiltered voice of your market. Understand how competitors are impacting the business. Guarantee success when rolling out new initiatives.

Time to Hear the Voice of Your Customer?

Wait no longer. Join thousands of others who have said goodbye to opinions and hello to reality.

Hear The Voice Of Our Customers

I love the ability to share the customer voice across our organization. It humanizes the customer experience for those that aren’t talking to them every day. Plus, it’s amazing to have a perfect record of the conversation and never miss a follow-up.

We are also a relatively new business and hearing directly from the voice of the customer has helped me shrink our close times by 45 days.

Amazing tool to capture voice of customer. Our internal stakeholders rely on Gong to hear directly from the market

Calls are easy to share and give you direct, on-demand access to the customer voice. There’s no better way for a PMM to become a subject matter expert and learn the market than hearing a live call, objection handling, demoing, eureka moments, FUD, and more.

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Your Questions. Our Answers.

What is voice of the customer software?

Voice of the customer software captures and analyzes customer-facing interactions to unlock key insights into your buyers and your market. Voice of the customer software takes the unbiased reality of your customers and turns them into actionable insights across your organization: product, marketing, sales, and support. Voice of the customer tools can track key behaviors and alert you to changes across your market: from competitor mentions, common and new objections, messaging effectiveness, and new product launch success. 

What are VoC tools?

Voice of the customer tools collect data from customer interactions (spoken, written) and analyze buyer behavior to better understand their needs, expectations, objections, and perception of your products and services. Using AI, VoC tools can generate a wide range of insights to be used across your entire organization: from product, marketing, product marketing, sales, support, and success.

So about this Slack integration. What is it and how does it work?

With the Gong for Slack app, your team can push Gong call data into Slack channels based on rules — rules you define.

While the possibilities are endless, some usage examples include automatically pushing messages to a specific Slack channel when competitors are mentioned, when concerns are brought up in late-stage deals, or when training moments arise. Full details here.

How can you share a customer feature request with your product team?

With Gong’s productboard integration, can send feature requests directly from a call, quickly. Even better? The request includes much needed context of what the customer wants, in their own voice. That’s pretty cool.

Note: Your organization must be connected to productboard to send feature requests from Gong.

Here’s how it’s done:

  1. In the call page, click TRANSCRIPT.
  2. Highlight the text snippet that you want to use as a feature request.
  3. In the pop-up menu that appears, click share-icon.png > Add a feature request.
  4. Add your take on the feature request, and click SEND.
  5. A note gets created in productboard, letting the product team build the features your customers really want
How does Gong handle privacy and protect customer data?

As a company that relies heavily on data, we recognize that your – all data for that matter — is very sensitive. At Gong, we combine enterprise-grade security features with comprehensive audits of our applications, systems, and networks to ensure customer data is protected. Read about our privacy measures in detail here.

How can I share Gong with our entire company?

Gong’s pricing is calculated based on the number of “recorded users.” All other users (Marketing, Product, HR, etc.) are included in the platform fee and come at no extra charge. Check out pricing

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