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Zoom Call Transcription: Goodbye Note-Taking, Hello Productivity

Gong’s call transcription software integrates with major web conferencing providers like Zoom to record, transcribe, and analyze sales calls to understand what separates your best reps from the rest. Plus, Gong’s integration supports Zoom’s native recording controls so everything works as it should for reps and prospects. No training required.

7 Reasons To Use Zoom Call Transcription Software

I asked our customers why they recommend using Gong’s Zoom call transcription software. Here’s what they said:


Infinite Memory

When reps don’t have to scribble notes mid-conversation, they can give buyers their undivided attention. Reps can focus on their talk tracks and ask follow-up questions that uncover critical information. Let your reps do what they do best (and automate the rest) with Zoom call transcription software.


Automatically Update CRM

Gong’s Zoom integration automatically pushes activity data – including call transcript, meeting participants, date, and length – into Salesforce and other CRM software. Your reps don’t lift a finger.

Reason #3

Searchable Calls

Forget deciphering your reps’ notes and hoping you don’t miss a critical call (on Zoom or any other platform). Search across your entire team’s web conferencing calls, phone calls, and email for the most important information. Need to hear how buyers respond to a new talk track? Easy. Want to hear how your reps handle objections? Not a problem. If it’s in the call transcripts it’s there.

Reason #4

Real-Time Deal Alerts

There are known risks that send deals sideways: late-stage competitor mentions, pricing conversations happening too late in a deal, and more. Get notified early on if these risks are hiding in your deals. If they are, make a strategic plan with your rep to turn things around.

Reason #5

Easier CS Handovers

Your customers deserve an exceptional end-to-end experience as they move through your buying process. Give CS near-perfect insight into each customer’s experience to date. They’ll understand your customer’s objectives and motivations, and where help is needed. Right off the bat.

Reason #6

Unlock Market Insights

Never miss an ah-ha moment. Gong’s AI surfaces indicators of whether your roll out is working, and clarifies market reactions to your product and features. Launches will never be the same (in a good way!).

Reason #7

Faster Onboarding = Faster Quota-Attainment

With Gong’s call transcription software, you can build the ultimate sales call library for your reps. Have your new hires listen to top-notch call examples that cover your entire sales cycle. It’s the fastest and best training you can give new hires so they get to quota ASAP.

Why Use Gong For Zoom Call Transcription?

It’s every sales leader’s dreams come true. Gong’s call transcription platform integrates with Zoom and other web conferencing providers, takes outstanding call transcription notes while your reps concentrate on buyers, and gives you black-box insights that help you win more deals. I mean, c’mon.

Zoom call transcription gathers consent seamlessly for every call, and automatically syncs every Zoom recording to Gong in full HD quality for call transcription and analysis. Then it gives you a bird’s-eye view of your entire pipeline. (Is it healthy? On track? Accurately forecasted?) Need more information about an area of concern? Dig into it your call deets in just one or two clicks.

But don’t take our word for it. Gong is rated #1 for call recording software on G2 by over 2,000 users.

How does Gong’s call transcription software work?

Looks like magic from the outside. Here’s what’s happening on the inside:

Step 1

Gong accesses your sales team’s calendars, then records and transcribes sales calls (Zoom, phone, etc.).

Step 2

Gong’s AI analyzes Zoom call transcripts to surface insights like your reps’ talk ratio, customer monologues and more. Now you can coach to win.

Step 3

Gong automatically syncs with your CRM to keep data fresh and complete as well as to tie winning behaviors on calls with winning outcomes.

Step 4

Replicate top performing talk tracks and sales cycles and build an army of top performers to grow your revenue.

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More Than Zoom Call Transcription Software

Is Gong more than the #1 Zoom call transcription software? Yes. It’s also a Revenue Intelligence platform. What’s that, you ask? Well, after it records and transcribes your team’s calls, it uses AI and machine learning to give you critical insights. You know what’s happening across your team, in each deal, and in your market.
Revenue Intelligence is the new way of operating based on customer reality instead of opinions. It’s a triple-threat approach to winning:

People Intelligence

Create a team of A-players. Take your top reps’ best skills and replicate them across the team.

Deal Intelligence

All reality, no guesswork — that’s what you want for your pipeline. Get to closed-won using the truth.

Market Intelligence

What’s your market really saying? You’re about to find out… and roll outs will never be the same.

Say Goodbye Opinions And Hello Reality

On your mark, get set… Join thousands of sales leaders who are grabbing an unfair market share using Gong’s Zoom call transcription and outstanding analytics.

Our Ears Are Burning

Calls being auto-recorded via Zoom are super helpful for notes and review purposes. It also helps me become a better sales rep because it coaches as well.

Having the Gong recording is SUPER helpful in reviewing client calls. Gong has great tools and is far easier than reviewing a Zoom recording. I love how Gong shows an overview of who was speaking when, analyzes the structure of the interaction and provides feedback. I also like the transcript function that helps find exactly the part I want to review again.

I was originally skeptical as we already had recording via Zoom but this is a whole new ball game. They layer on so much add value that I can’t picture leaving the platform

I love that I can go back almost immediately after recording a Zoom call, and that I can see what I did well / didn’t do well. The fact that it also transcribes is fantastic!

“This is a whole new ball game.”

3,000+ Rave Reviews Of Gong

Auto-Magically Log Calls in Salesforce

Your sales ops team is going to love this.


You Ask, We Answer.

What is call transcription software?

Call transcription apps record calls and process audio to transcribe speech to text. It improves productivity by automatically taking notes on calls and allowing team members to focus on their conversations. Transcripts can also be shared to ensure a smooth handover between teams. Call transcription software works for phone calls, webconferencing (Zoom, Webex, Gotomeeting, Google Meet), as well as dialers.

How does call transcription work?

Call transcription uses speech to text technology to separate speakers and converts call audio to written text. Call transcription works with all types of calls (phone, webconference, auto-dialers) and is available in a wide range of languages.

How can I set up Zoom call transcription in Gong?

Gong connects with your team’s calendars (via Office 365 or G Suite) to identify calls that need to be recorded and transcribed. It takes less than 2 hours to connect Gong to all your company’s systems, and it’s all automatic from there. No further action needed (and no forgetting to hit record).

Which calls are recorded?

Gong lets you choose which Zoom calls are recorded and transcribed. Gong will record a web conference based on your customizations, and any changes you make in the web conferencing software.

Can I stop recording a meeting?

Does Gong’s Zoom call transcription software integrate with Salesforce?
How do I obtain consent from meeting participants when I use Gong’s call transcription software?

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